In TimeToMerch Limited we know that brandedproducts are perceived as belonging to the company, so it is worth rememberingthat quality products can have a positive impact on the Brand's reputation. Brandedmerch is an important element of the company’s culture, so we approach itscreation responsibly and consciously.

We believe that:

- Merch should reflect the overall style of the Brand

- Merch should correspond to the views and values ​​of the Brand

- Merch should be functional

- Merch should be of high quality.

What’s merch for?

Merch is a product that helps any company increase its recognition. Items that people use on a daily basis can be great branding solutions. 

Today, merch is an important part of the advertising market in general and any advertising campaign; it is one of the ways to communicate with audience. Merch creates a dialogue between customers and the brand.

Well-designed, stylish and functional merch can be a successful way to promote your brand.

According to research, products with a company logo are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

For customers, this is often not just clothing or accessories with company logos, but mainly a way to demonstrate their loyalty to the brand and show others their connection with it.